Friday, July 16, 2010

Quality Hotel KL - Fruits Fiesta 2010

Who doesn't like free food? Especially when you can get almost everything you want under one roof. We arrived there a bit late but not to worry cuz there was so much, so many food that you can die eating!

Well, I've never been to any of this kind of party so I felt a bit awkward with all the working people, journalists and camera men around me.

A bit photos that I snapped that day. So sorry cuz I was being intimidated snapping pictures using my normal camera while the others were using the bulky ones. The awkwardness doubled when people gave me the look when I tried to snap pictures of the foods. Hahaha! So, I decided to not take pictures of every single food that was on the table and just look for the one that I really was interested in.

Door gifts.

The first stall after the entrance

The olok-olok dim-sum. Eaten with the chilli sauce and black oyster sauce. Tasted just like yong tau fu.

The best kuey teow ever! Cooked in front of your eyes.

My sisters couldn't decide which one to eat first.

Lots and lots of durian. They were delicious! Yummyyyy!

Some of the fruit pastries. I only got to eat the two on the above; strawberry and jackfruit puddings. The one on the spoon is durian pudding which I didn't even get to taste cuz the waitress kept on asking me whether I was done with them. Sigh!

A plate full of durian. My one and only dinner that night!

Ice-cream Malaysia and satay.

Me enjoying durian ALONE! They didn't wanna have the durian so I finished it.

Celebrity on the day; Dee!

They were playing game; dance to the music while acting like you were making teh tarik.

Look at her (his) head gear! My oh my. Hahaha! She (He) couldn't even look down or else, only God knows.

My youngest sister.

Heading out.

See you again next year!

To wrap it up, I had fun (stress) eating (finishing) a plate full of durian cuz I was craving for it but needless to say, it was a good effort in promoting the hotel. They actually were promoting their Buka Puasa buffet for the fasting month and even gave out vouchers for lucky draw winners.

So, thanx to Quality Hotel, KL for inviting (on behalf of my sister).


Take care and have a great weekend!

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