Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pot Luck at Bangi

Who would have thought that KL would be total jammed yesterday? Yes! All of the roads were full of people! Erkk, I don't know about the KL town but I know that my journey to Bangi wasn't so smooth. Few traffic jams even before you reach the Bangi toll and few after that.

Despite all those traffic jams, I felt so relieved because, just after I saw all those kids, my heart suddenly melt away and yes! All the food were awesome! Though I forgot to take pictures of the food. Sorry!

This is Danish. He really reminds me of somebody :)

This is Faris or better known as Ayish!

This is Erisha. She was still in her sleepy-land hence the blur face.

Erisha with yours truly.

L to R: Baby Qayyum, Kak Zarizan, Erisha sitting on my little sister's lap and my eldest sister.

Ayish acting all shy.

Me and Ayish ;) He is such an adorable!

My eldest sister holding Baby Fauzan and also her boss.

Ayish didn't wanna let go my camera so I snapped his picture just as a trick.

On the way home, the road was all clear except there was a lot of cars. Not so much lorries. After all, food was good and kids were all cuteeee! Makes me wanna have babies now! Haha!

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Take care! XX


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