Friday, March 30, 2012

Yang Itu, Jangan Tanya Saya!

I'm sorry to write this disappointing post but this is about your manners, courtesy and most importantly, your common sense.

I was trying to contact one of the clerks in my office yesterday when my boss answered the phone. To tell you the truth, I didn't mean to ask him the question but, what the heck? Might as well just try ask him cause he always drive every where he goes. May be, he knows the answer. No harm trying, right?

So, I asked him the question.
"Encik, berapa kilometer jarak North Port dari Carey eh?"
(What is the mileage from Carey to the North Port, sir?)

Guys, people always said that 'Respect is to be earned, not gain' and guess what? He just lost it. Yes, he lost the so called 'Respect' from me. Why, u ask? Let me tell you why.

Reason 1
When I asked that particular question, he answered,
"Itu jangan tanya saya!"
(Don't ask me!)

Reason 2
He is the Head of Department and from my point of view, it is NOT a mistake to ask your HOD about the mileage.

Reason 3
He is much much older than me. Therefore, he must have more experience compared to myself. He must know about courtesy and manners on how to answer a question.

Reason 5
He hung up on me. Yes, he hung up the phone without saying goodbye or anything. He hung up the phone just after he answered me rudely.

You see, I wouldn't mind if he knows the answer to my question or not but the way he said it and the lack of manners really pissed me off. He can just say that he doesn't know and ask me to call other colleagues because he was so busy and annoyed with me non-stop calling the office.

I was taken aback by him. I was not really pissed at first. The feeling was more to sadness. I felt really sad because a person so high can act so low. I just cannot accept what he did to me and I couldn't digest the situation yesterday. So many things came across my mind. I felt embarrassed by what he did.

So guys, please don't hang up the phone onto anybody. For me, personally, it is rude. Very rude. If you're busy or in a middle of something, just tell. Don't hang up.


melissa said...

Nak check mileage ye? Guna Google Maps je. I always do that :)

rainingheaven said...

Guna Google Maps tok check jarak :)