Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm effing love my blog layout. Red and Black. That's classy, yeah! Hahaa!

So, tomorrow I'll be going home. Only God knows how am I gonna be at home. Sleep, eat, TV, internet, FB (of course), blogging and may be some fresh air. Usually, my house is gonna be a chaos during holidays but not this year. Not anymore. My big sister is gonna be working, Kak Uda is so far far away from us and Abang as usual, he is as busy as a bee. So, it will be just me and my little sister, Koddey, enjoying our holiday and later in December waiting for her PMR result. Hahahaa! Cuak ke? Eleh, PMR je pun.

What will my house gonna be? I heard somebody had been struggling to tide everything up and clean up the mess. Hohoo! Who's that?? Ayah ke Emak ke Koddey?? Not me, fo sho! I haven't been home for a month and I left my room in a mess. Hahaa! Malas kot nak kemas bilik besar sangat. Bleghh!

I am gonna miss this bed so much. Huhuu! And also the dressing table and the toilet and the TV and everything! The most important is the very good food that Nenek cook! OMG, they are so delicious! Marvellous! Hahaa! Tapi I just know how to eat and digest the food. I don't have any idea how they were made and mixed.

Next semester is gonna be my final semester in my student life. Hopefully, I'll finish my study with not flying colours but perhaps with colourful results (in a good way). And then comes the working life where I'm gonna stand on my own feet. Wohoo!

Okay, enough with that. I rest my case.

//Do you still remember that, woman? You've rested your case! And you better mean it, woman!


shams said...

red n black..hmm ..dont noe that u go for this dung cheng dung cheng color..but anyway amoi...wa suka itu tipi punyer ngambar..itu laun aarr.. manyak syiok punyer tgk...he he...anyway jus ejoy ur holiday..i'll see u soon enough..hepi badging n snoring syg,,,he he..


Aineesa said...

Mana ada dun cheng dun cheng! Ini very classy okay...