Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The last day in Shah Alam, I had brownies at Secret Recipe in SACC Mall. I wanted to kill some time while waiting for the rain to stop. In fact, it had been a long time since the last time I had brownies with ice-cream (nak buat sendiri tak reti). So yeah, I had brownies there, alone. After I finished my brownies, I asked for the bill. Hurmm, they took quite a long time to print out the bill but it's okay. I still had time. I received the bill, I paid and waited for the balance. I opened the bill and saw a phone number with a name. Obviously it was a guy name. Hahaa! Okay, I was shocked but I pretended not to act like one. I left the number and walked away.

It's interesting how a guy can tackle a girl. You can confront the girl and ask for her number. Obviously that is the best and most gentleman way to do so or you can use the third person to ask for it. For this guy, may be he was too shy to asked me himself but for me, he was a coward. I would get annoyed and may be felt disturbed if he confronted me to get my phone number but the way he did was even worse than that. That's not the way my man should act. Hahaa! I'm so not attracted to that kind of man. After all, I already have a very steady boyfriend so I don't really bother with these type of guys.

May be you guys can try this trick eh?


After almost 5 days at home, my daily routine is sleep, eat and do some of the house chores. Sidai baju, basuh pinggan and a bit kemas sana sini. I don't have anything to do to relax my mind before I start my busy day for the final year project again.

Oh, did I tell you that I'm a Malay series addict now? Hahaa! I watched the Nenek Kebaya series and also not to forget Cinta Balqis and Nur Kasih. The worst part is, my dad knows a bit about Nur Kasih! Oh My Effing Godddd!! Hahaaa!! I wanted to laugh but I didn't. He knows about Adam, the lead character in Nur Kasih and how he abandon his wife, Nur. I thought only women watch this series but boy, I was wrong. How the hell did my father know about this?? Sooner or later my father will be addicted to the TV and we won't get to watch our favourite shows anymore.

I remember when we were small kiddos, my sister used to hide the remote control just because she wanted to have a total control over the TV. She would lie in front of the TV while her feet will cover the infrared sensor at the TV. How cool was that huh?

//Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. This year, Mak buat korban. My sister cakap lembu putih ada black spot kat bontot!!


zalikha said...

hahaha.. reminds me of what happened to me at BK.. and seriously i watched malay dramas jugak.. juanna, nenek kebaya, si cantik dan si buruk rupa.. hurmm... busannyer kat rumah..

Aineesa said...

Hahaa! I was shocked tau. I mcm, apa benda ni? Number phone sape la pulak ni. Mula2 tak faham, slow sikit. N then baru teringat. Oh, dia nak ngorat aku rupanya.

What else can we do at home? My dad's Pesona broke down and dia guna Kelisa to go to work. How's that sound to you? Boring gila tau dok kat rumah aje.

shamsulainee said...

hmm..syg.., i pun..boring tahap hippo dah ni..astro x jalan hv to watch malay drama..bes gak..x faham nenek kebayan pesal nenek tu cun sgt ekk...but citer balqis tu ok lucky bontot lembu 2 ada black spot..kalu bontot syg cmner ekk.. ha ha...hepi holidays n hepi aidil adha...muah...S2u

p/s kodi tu dah xde keje ke korek lubang hidung lembu tu..sian lembu tu lemas...

Aineesa said...

Eleh, u bosan2 at least boleh pegi jln2. Kitorang dok umah je la.

Sebenarnye, nenek Samsiah tu dah tukar badan dgn dia. Yg cantik tu jahat. Yg baik ada dekat kampung.