Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So, the presentation is done and I did average. I mean, what the hell was I thinking to put up so many slides about literature review while the most important part is the methodology. I felt kinda angry at myself because obviously I didn't do well. Anyways, now is the time to finalize my thesis proposal and submit them to my supervisor ASAP.

Oh, if you are reading this, thank you very much. I mean, you really helped me a lot by telling my mom about my current activity. Who I'm seeing, what I've been doing and who is my current "boyfriend". You know, I've never been this open with anybody. Not with my family and not with anybody else. I'm the most secretive person among my siblings because I don't like to be a busy body. I know what my siblings are doing but I never cared so much about them. I mean, they have their own life and who am I to disturb theirs when I have my own problems and stuff to take care of.

I don't know if you notice this mom but I think you know who I am now, right? Sometimes, I do feel sick of being treated as a child when I'm a 21 year old lady. I hope I graduate soon and will have a stable job. I know the competition is tough but I think in my industry line, there are plenty of jobs waiting. I'm a very optimistic person and don't you worry about your little lady here, okay.

I know somebody is trying to bury me down. Waiting for me to fall so she can rise up as the Queen. I ain't nobody, woman. I live my own life. Do my own things and always stay away from people like you. I treat my friends well and I do sometimes treat them strangers as my friend. I don't know what to say about you, woman. Trying to create a chaos in my family as if they don't have much problems to take care of. Don't you have your own life, woman? I mean, you have your husband to be taken care. Your children to be fed and yourself to manage but still you want to take care of other people's life. God, I don't know what to say. If you're having problems either with your husband or with anybody, consult a councilor or something. Do not create another problems. That's not how a human should act and react. I feel like I'm much older than you now. You have the look. You have the money. You have everything but why do you still do this kinda things that a small kid would do? Back-stabbing, saying bad things about other people, being a busy body. OMG! I hope you learn the lesson from this. I treated you as my very close friend but what you did to me is so very unforgiveable.

WTV it is, my family knows everything and they understood every single thing that you said is not true. I've done explaining to them and it's all thanks to you. Thank you very much for your help and please mind your own business now. You know who you are and we never be friends before and after this.

The end.


SeE-DaH said...

secretive person? uhuk.
ptut la ada blog..
everything will express here.. rite?

come on girl..
u r dabomb person laa..

sapa2 pon yg nk jtuhkan ko..
just ignore them..
just continue to climb the mountain..
till u reach the destiny..

good luck NISA~

Aineesa said...

Waaaaa~ Aku sgt rindu time kite practical... Happy je tak de pun nak fikir problem mcm ni...

Origami said...

Hmm,, u r rite u show that u r not a little girl anymore...
im sure u'll excell in watever u r running 2..
realy cant wait to see u at the finish line with u ur victory lap.
im always by ur side...