Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good things that happened to me yesterday

I was so lazy to update my blog yesterday because I was too exhausted but few good things happened to me & made my day :)

During the first class of Quality Control, my lecturer asked us to jot down reasons why we register the subject apart from the reason that it is one of the core subjects. She promised us to show a few interesting reasons on the next class but didn't get the opportunity so, yesterday she fulfilled her promise. I was excited to know who get the best reasons and of course hoping that it will be mine :) Heh! I waited for my name to appear and yeay! I was one of them on the slide! My reason was a very general one but there are few points that she highlighted that made my reasons interesting.

During the Energy lecture, which yesterday was the first one, my lecturer asked about the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy. None of us could think of the difference other than imagining the movement of a pendulum. So, she decided to call upon several students and asked them to choose anybody that they think can answer the question. My friend picked me but she said "She can't answer the question because she's sitting in front". I was so relieved because I thought she might wanted to hear my answer for she had known me quite some time. So, I was safe!

Then, it was during the Organometallic lecture. I was quite sleepy because it was already 5 in the afternoon. I didn't realize I was yawning in the class until the lecturer tell the whole class. I became the first person to be on the yawn-o-meter. Although it wasn't a good thing to yawn but it made my day. The incident reminds me to always stay alert in class. Hehe! So do you, guys!

BTW, I totally forgot to pick up my laundry!!!

//I heart you. Do you feel the same way?

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