Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Forgot To Bring My Camera Again

Venue: Jalan Pasar, KL

There were only few blocks of shop lots but the highlight is on the street market. Few interesting things found;

1 Fishes and crabs. Although I haven't heard most of the names but they were still beautiful creatures. Very cute! Oh, and my BF told me that he has a fish named after me. Very significant to my zodiac which is Pisces. How he adores me so much eh? Heh!

2 Cheap electronic stuffs that were very interesting like dancing dolls! The dolls are actually a couple keychain.

3 Made-in Taiwan or China phones. Extremely cheap but you might wanna check the software installed first. Don't be fooled by the outside appearance cause they were very similar to the original one. Like iPhone, N97 and Blackberry. But most of the phones sold there were Nokia phones.

4 18SX stuffs. Heh! I am not able to explain anything as I know very little knowledge about those stuffs. Go check it out yourself. Worth to laugh about! Hahaa!

5 Traditional remedies for BALD people. Hehe! My BF told me that 10 years ago, he bought the same thing there too and it costs him RM50 per bottle. The bottle was only just as small as those botol asam yang ada gambar Apek Cina tu.

6 STREET DENTIST!! Yes, believe it or not they have street dentists nowadays. It was unbelieveable at first. I thought they were selling Gambir Sarawak which is very popular to minimize the tooth pain but NO! They can do tooth filling and also implement new gigi palsu for you. How amazing is that huh? But be careful as they are not licensed.

It is an eye-opener to go to this kind of place. Observe the people and surroundings. They really amazed me in a way. How to be creative and brave in business and struggle just to earn some money for their families. Really teached me a new lesson in life.


ps; Yes, my BF is an old-bald-man and I love him very much. Thank you ;)

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