Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yesterday was the first day of school and for me it was the first day of my final semester hopefully. According to the schedule, I will only have one class on Monday so I decided to skip my class because I was still in the holiday mood :) On my way back home, I passed by a primary school and there was a lot of cars outside of the school. Ohh, hari ni kan budak baru masuk sekolah.

I still remember my first day of school.
  • Kindergarten
I cried like hell because I was scared, I think. It's normal for a kid to cry, no?

  • Primary
My parents both sent me to school. We had breakfast at the school canteen and my mom bought me curry puffs. My dad sent me to my class which was 1 Biru. My class teacher was Cikgu Saloma if I'm not mistaken. First day sekolah kasut dah kotor sebab kaki masuk longkang (jalan tak tengok depan belakang). I still remember bila cikgu nak bawa jalan-jalan around the school compound, I thought dah rehat. Konon-konon nak makan la bekal karipap sekali, cikgu sound. Hahaa! Silly me. And and, there was one time when I couldn't manage to reach toilet as soon as possible... Lepas tu, faham-faham sendiri la ye.

  • Secondary
Dah biasa pergi sekolah so tak rasa apa sangat la. I was kinda nervous because none of my friends went to the same school. My class teacher was Cikgu Rahim Jantan and I was in 1 Kamil.

Ahh, sweet memories... :)

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