Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Was 18 Years Old

This memory will always be in my heart as it had brought us to laugh and tears.

Back then when I was in college, when I first met this particular lecturer, I hate him because he was kinda snobbish and always made lame jokes in class. He acted cool when he wasn't and always made fun of the students.

One day, my friend and I went to see him to ask a few questions. To tell you the truth, I was kinda a bimbo. Very straight forward girl. So, as usual, the lecturer will ask about our backgrounds. Where do us live, about our parents jobs and so on. So, when he asked me about my home, I convincingly explain to him about my house location. It was normal for me to explain about it because most of the time, people I met will questioned about the location. The easiest way to explain is by trying to relate my place with something popular or easy to find like One Utama, the shopping center.

He still looked surprise and confused while I tried my best to explain when suddenly he said;

"Eh, bukan ke Ou tu dekat TTDI? Kenapa awak cakap OU tu dekat dengan rumah awak?"

I was surprised;

"Memang la tapi from my house kena lalu Sungai Penchala dulu"

He answered;

"Awak ni tipu la. Rumah awak tu jauh dengan OU tau. Mana boleh jalan kaki nak pergi OU tu. Saya tau sebab dulu saya duduk dekat Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, TTDI"

...Clueless... Being a confident young lady, I still wanted to defend my point and started telling him the direction from OU to my house. He laughed so loud that made me hate him so much! I cried that day just because I couldn't defend my point.

Today, look what he had done!

Source: Facebook

Sabar je la kalau dapat lecturer macam ni :) Thank you so much for the "Quote of the Day". Later, check your FB profile. Look for any changes, ok. Ngehehe!

ps; S2 u :)


goodspeed said...

ha ha ha. Thats the day i first met my sweet cunning DB(DumbBlonde). Nanges x dapat nak kelentong orang hu hu...anyway thanx for still remembering the sweet of u...thats the day that change the whole of my life...ILUSM...u always be my cunning DB...ha ha...!!! S2u

Nisa said...

Woi! My house memang dekat dgn OU la! U je x nak percaya. Cis bedebah btol!

goodspeed said...

dekat hape ke mende nyer..ada ke ckp dekat sampai leh jalan kaki...nk kencing pun tgk kaki rr dulu...ha ha

Nisa said...

siot la u ni! diam ah!