Sunday, March 14, 2010

Do You Watch Malay Movies?

Mati hanya sekali, Kamsah!

I didn't mean to watch this kinda movie but I have to because there were no available movies that I can watch.
Plus, all of them wanted so bad to watch this movie (or should I say, Farid Kamil?) so I had to agree with them.
Haha! Not that I regret it but I'm just not into Malay movies. Sorry!
The jokes were pretty ok but what else can you expect from this kinda movie?
Rempit, bohsia and money. That's all.
Lisa Surihani aka Kamsah didn't talk much and Aqasha once looked like a drag queen. OMG!
Haha! Very funny! WTV it is, I had fun laughing in the cinema hall.

ps; I am still kinda offended, you know?

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