Saturday, March 13, 2010

He's A Newbie

Source: Facebook

Now, everybody has a Twitter account... And also a blog!!
So, welcome to you, Mike!
Make sure you won't get addicted by these two junkies.

ps; Mike, u r so have to thank me cause this is the 100th post!!!


Faisal Fadzil said...

trying as hard not to... wooooaargh!!! tis very difficult!!

Nisa said...

What's that suppose to mean? Are u excited or what?

Nisa said...
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Faisal Fadzil said...

kinda excited laa... but ashamed at the same tym

Nisa said...

Haha! Don't be ashame. I even link your Twitter & Blog. Try click the links. You'll be more excited. Lol!