Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Don't Recall A Friend Named 'Anonymous'

So yeah, it happened again.
I am so tired to delete comments or feedbacks from a person that I don't recognize.
And again, as if I don't know who that person is.

So, I have more tests to come and mucho pending assignments to be done.
Not to be forgotten, presentations!
So so so freaking tired with night classes.
But, what else I can do? They are all for my future so, suck it up!

"Siapa nak pandai, kena berkorban"
-Dr. Ashari Abd Jalil-

Panas je telinga dengar lecturer cakap macam tu. Hahaha!

And, oh yeah! Before I forgot, you might need to wash your hands because your hands are eff stink like hell! So do your heart, brain, liver, stomach... Bla bla bla... And may be you'll write something nice after washing them, bee!

ps; I'm just tired of these annoying dramas

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