Monday, March 8, 2010

Major First Timer :)

My first movie

I watched it with my hostel mates in 2003. I wanted so bad to feel the feeling of being in the cinema thus, this movie.

My first body lotion

Since 2004 and still using the same brand and same type. I was so jealous of my friend's so soft hands. She was my roommate and every night she would apply the lotion all over her hands and legs so I bought the same lotion.

My first face moisturizer

First time using it in Mekah in the year 2000. My skin was so dry so mom bought this moisturizer. I guess she used the same brand since her young days. I'm still using the same brand though.

My first facial wash

It's fragrant free so it's suitable for the first timer. I'm still using this brand but sometimes I try other brands too. Just for the curiosity purpose.

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