Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Weekend In The Jungle

Nasuha Herbs & Spices Farm, Pagoh, Muar, Johor

This was my second study trip in 3 years of my degree study. We went there as one of the assignments in completion of my Phytochemistry subject. Basically, the subject is about trees and plants so, we went there to study more about them.

I shit you not, the weather was very hot and dry. Thank god I didn't bring my sunblock now I have lines on my feet because of the flip-flops and line on my face because of the scarf I wore plus lines on my both wrists because of the shirt! Damn! Despite all that, I had fun except the bus driver was so obnoxious that he drove straight back to SA instead of Malacca where we should have a bit fun after two days in the jungle! Mati kutu tau stay kat sana! Sedih betol!

A few pictures there. Hope you guys enjoy browsing through pictures of me with no make-up (not even the compact powder or any 'bedak' baby powder). Lol! And pardon me for being so kepohchi in some photos. I just love to talk and can't stop from talking ;D

Saturday, 29.03.2010

What I saw just after I got off from the bus

Place where we had our lunch

The company tag line

And this is what I saw just after I stepped into the room. Those bottles are everywhere! On the wall, on the mini fountain...

... and even stick on the man-made tree!

While waiting for the briefing to start ;)

Had our lunch after briefing. Nasi Beriyani herba which tasted really nice.

The only non-herbal drink. Grape cordial drink ;)

I tried this air asam gelugor and caused me pain everywhere! Hahaha! Angin the whole body.

Complex tour

Tremendously huge African catfish. Lol!

Waiting for the tram to bring us up the hill to our accommodation. Can you feel the heat now?

Bleeding trees. Hehehe!

A lake & waterfall in front of our dorm :) Very soothing but creepy at night.

Dinner time! Barbecue :)

After few hours of starving... Muka nikmat dapat makan. Hahaha!

Sunday, 30.01.2010

After breakfast

We can't afford to pay the sauna room so we decided to have a 'natural' morning sauna. Wtf? Hahaha!


Some PLKN stuff not far from our dorm

Waiting for the tram to bring us back down. Still nak menyibuk!

Wth am I sitting like that? Pengantin much?

So, that's all for now. Overall, I really had fun and enjoyed the trip. Especially with my dorm-mates. Depa gila abes weyh! Hahaha! And of course, I have to write a report for this trip. Shit la!

See ya guys later! Love, hugs and kisses :)

ps; Bila nak trip kita pulak ni?


Anonymous said...

amek course ape nak kene pegi herbs & spices place ni?

kat perak pun ade taman herba kan? and penang also have tropical spice garden. ape lagi..jom la dtg penang! :P

Nisa said...

I amik subject Phytochemistry. Its abt trees & plants. Sebab tu pegi tgk herbs kat ladang ni. Just nak study abt the content & benefits of the herbs.

mnso said...

hmm.. bes gak kalu dpt gi trip my baby dah sihat skit...he he...kena bynk mnum herba next time k...