Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well, I've Been Busy

I wasn't that busy actually. Just a few great things happened.

First of all, I celebrated my birthday last Friday. TYVM for those who came. Of course it was awesome! I would like to have a party on my next birthday (berangan lah kau!). Hehe!

A few pictures on that day :)

Strawberry cheese ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins

With my girlfriends :)
L to R
Bottom: K.Sharene, Me & Ila
Back: Anne, Athirah, Sahida & Eja

Presenting to you the LOSER bowler ever! I only scored 20+ that day. Fewh! What a loser I am :P

My precious birthday present. Nasib baik kaki muat. Haha!

And... The coolest birthday present EVER! Inspired by the Micheal Scofield :) Love it!

Secondly, after a long time, I met my long lost love......
Swimming pool! Yeayyyy!

Bless to be in the water :)

Ok, Ms. Mermaid is ready to go. Ceh!

So, I'll update you guys later bila I dapat all the pictures from my friends. For now, love you guys a lot! Be nice :)


ps; the cake was delicious! thank you :)


sham said...

hmmm...surely u really luv swimming..enjoy to see u swim tau...

p/s still wanna beat ur BREAST STROKE...ha ha

Miasuraya said...

Happy birthday again, Nisa :)

Nisa said...

Of course I love to swim :) I'm a Pisces. I love to be in the water.

Thank you very much :)