Friday, April 9, 2010

Hectic Schedule

The library is my home
The study table is where I eat
The books are my entertainment
The highlighter pens are my crayons
The weird chemical terms are my songs

Some pictures for you guys to ease your mind:

My schedule for this whole month

This is what I do all night... Study about frigging eggs!

Why the eggs become stink

More processes...

Pigment content in fruits & vegetables

This is what a chemistry student life is all about
I'm loving it!
So, can you relate now?
I really need a rest. Toodles sweet love!

ps; Mentang-mentang la pegi holiday. Terus lupa I. Fine!

1 comment:

aku dia dan kelisa hijau said...

ala...baru skit je 2...nak ajar u lg susah...he he...x lupe u la...