Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Don't Do Outdoor Sports

This is not a very outdated post.

Every semester, the committee will set up one day for the Sports Day or better known as the Family Day. This semester, the activity took place at the Intec football field in Section 18, Shah Alam.

I went there straight from home so I was kinda late. As I arrived, a few games had started so most of my time were filled with chit-chats, eating and as usual gossips!

A few pictures of the day. Credit to friends for their brilliant cameras and FB pages. Lol!

Shahrina & me

All of us ;)

L to R: Kak Wani, Sahida, Yuniza, Me, Yati


The line-up for sukaneka (itu je la yang termampu)

The after-dirt was pretty bad. The after-pain was maximum!

Excited for the birthday girl

Sukaneka: Main passing getah

The guys after winning the sukaneka - cari getah dalam tepung

The line-up for Futsal
L to R
Above: Atok, Fariz, Izzat, Pajil, Am, Kamil, Referee
Below: Ikhwan, Saad, Yassin, Mike, Meme

ps; I only do water sports :)

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