Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Of What I Learned & Designed Myself

Assignments for the Phytochemistry subject.

The subject itself is very interesting so do the assignments given. Not only it test your knowledge on how to search for the information but it also test your creativity.

As I'm a very factual and plain person, I choose the very basic design for both my assignments. It was quite difficult to look for the negative effects but what's more important is the experience. I never thought that a chemistry student manage to complete posters like these.

So, you guys enjoy reading the small writings ;)

Click on the image for clearer view

I chose Pomegranate just because I used the Pomegranate Fruit Yogurt Foam Cleanser from Elianto.

Pennywort is interesting. I didn't know that it can cure wound and fever. So far, tau buat ulam je.

ps; Lepas ni my lunch will be full of vegetables ;) I'm on diet ;P

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shams said...

yesss, my baby dah nk jadi kambing..he he makan sayur je..mmbeekkk...mmbekkkkk