Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Still Using The VGA Camera Phone

Disclaimer: All pictures were taken using my previous camera phone.

I used to be a chubby girl. This particular photo was taken on the Merdeka Day 2007 countdown at my university. I was in my first semester of my degree study.

Haniza & me - Stadium UiTM, 2007

L to R: me, Haniza & Yati - Stadium UiTM, 2007

This photo was also taken during my first semester. I had to attend an annual dinner for Kesatria, a uniform body established by the university. I really hate the Commander who turned out to be one of my favourite seniors later.

Kesatria Dinner, 2007 - Goldcoast Hotel, Klang

If I'm not mistaken, this photo was taken at home. I was so bored hence this photo. That is my teddy bear which was given by my ex-boyfriend. Now, I can't sleep without the presence of my teddy bear. He's already 5 years old.

Teddy & me at home

I don't know why I snap this photo. It's a decoration on my bed sheet.

Guess what is this? This is the trademark of JCO Donuts & Coffee! I went to Indonesia during my second year if I'm not mistaken and at that particular time, there was still no JCO outlet in Malaysia. I brought back a dozen of doughnuts but it was all soggy after a few hours.

This photo was taken at my kampung, Bagan Datoh in Perak. I went back with my Mom to visit her relatives. I think somebody passed away that time and this picture was taken at the cemetery.

This photo was taken while I was waiting for Mom to finish Solat Terawih. I was sleepy and bored.

Can you spot my Mom? Second from left, wearing kain pelikat as her kain solat.

This photo was taken in a bus. I went out with my friend, Ariel immediately after the exam. We went to Mid Valley and took the Rapid KL U80 bus from Shah Alam to KL.

Ariel & me - In the bus, 2007

Photos below were taken during Ihtifal or Graduation of a kindergarten that is own by one of my Mom's friends. This is Iffah, my Auntie Sakyah's daughter. She is cute, isn't she?

Iffah Amelia & me - Ihtifal, 2007

This is Iffah's eldest brother, Aziz Al-Haq. Their father is an Indonesian so I think that's why they have some kind of unique look, no?

Aziz & me - Ihtifal, 2007

The farthest left is Iffah's second brother, Fauzan Fathullah. What a unique name! In the middle is Aliya, daughter of Kak Ita who is one of the kindergarten teachers.

Fauzan, Aliya & me - Ihtifal, 2007

This is Kak Imay. She's an Indonesian but has been living in Malaysia for quite a while. She's one of the helpers at the kindergarten. She wasn't in a good mood hence the face. Hehe!

Kak Imay & me - Ihtifal, 2007

This is my younger sister. She's currently in Egypt doing only-God-knows-what. Haha! Now don't say that she looks cuter than me! I'll be so jealous. Haha!

Kak Uda & me - Ihtifal, 2007

This is my favourite kid from the kindergarten. He is so adorable, kan? Hehe!

Arif & me - Ihtifal, 2007

During the end of my first semester, I had been diagnosed with Tuberculosis, TB. It is an air-borne disease which I might had been randomly infected. You know, with the increased number of foreign workers, the probability to get infected will also be increased.

So, at first I was admitted to the ENT ward and the specialist in-charge, Dr Azmi was so handsome! Haha! I still remember how nervous I could get during the appointment. I was admitted and quarantined for a week before the Raya Haji that year. The doctor asked me to stay for a couple more days but I said "saya nak balik kampung tengok lembu!" so the doctor let me go. Haha! I lost almost 10kg because of TB. My shirt size shrink from M to S and my waist reduced from 29 inches to 26 inches. Wow! Haha!

First admission

The second admission was because of rashes due to allergy. The antibiotic they gave was too strong and my body rejected the medicine hence the rashes. They did a thorough examination and I had to take off all my clothes during the examination. I'm not creating some blue story here but, I had to! It was the most embarrassing moment of my life!

The specialist and consultant were nice but, you know, doctors aren't always the adults. Haha! They argued among each other in front of the patient (me) which I found very funny. I was given steroid to cure the allergy and rash and because of that drug, I gained back my 10kg that I lost before. Damn! My waist increased to 30 inches and I couldn't wear S size shirts anymore. Haha!

Second admission - First bed

This one, I had to switch bed because the TB I had was a localized one and won't spread through the air. I switched from the first class (one bed in one room) to the second class (six beds in one room). Tidak best!

Second admission - Second bed

And as usual, my teddy bear had to accompany me at the hospital. There was one night where the HO had to asked me to put my teddy aside so he can stick the syringe needle properly to take my blood for a test.

I am still using a VGA camera phone but with smaller screen. Hehe! What's important that I can listen to my mp3 player and radio at all time. Camera is not that important for me.

ps; What is wrong with you? How am I suppose to know you if you don't let me?

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