Sunday, May 23, 2010

I've Been Hitched Again

I really don't know what to say. I should be happy but I feel guilty for my BF.

Malam semalam, ada seorang lelaki call I. Phone number dia was quite familiar cause dia dah few times called but may be he didn't have the confident to speak, so jadi missed call. So, semalam baru dapat semangat agaknya, he spoke!

The story begin a week ago. My sister and I went to a Career Expo in PWTC (not exactly in THE PWTC). As usual, I printed out several copies of my CV and dropped them at few booths for job hunting. At this particular booth of Top Glove, I had to filled in a form and of course, I needed a seat to write comfortably. So, I sat at this one table provided by the company, filled in the form and handed both my CV and the form to the staff. After that, I walk off.

So, last night, this particular guy which I just can't remember his name, called me. The conversation goes more or less like this:

Assalamualaikum, boleh saya cakap dengan Cik Nisa?

Waalaikumussalam. Ye, saya Nisa. Siapa ni?

Saya bla bla (his name which I forgot).

Ok, awak ada hal apa ye?

Ermm, last week, awak ada pergi Career Expo dekat PWTC tak?

Ye, saya ada pergi.

Awak ada hantar resume dekat Top Glove tak?

Yes, ada. Kenapa?

At this point, I thought he might be the representative from the company but why is he calling at night? But, he was not one of them. He said;

Saya nampak awak dekat booth Top Glove. Boleh saya berkenalan dengan awak?

Apa? Awak ni siapa? Mana awak dapat nombor saya ni?

I was really surprised. I thought may be he was one of the staffs on-duty at that time but, he was not! He was... An ANONYMOUS!

Saya ambil nombor telefon awak dari resume awak. Awak ingat tak masa awak duduk nak isi borang dekat Top Glove?

Yes, memang ada kena isi borang tapi saya tak kenal awak pun. And kenapa tiba-tiba awak nak ambil nombor saya dari resume saya?

And he answer which made me more angry was;

Saya lelaki yang depan awak tu. Saya nak berkenalan dengan awak and saya rasa cara saya dapat nombor telefon awak tak patut jadi isu kan?

I was like, WHAATTT?! Tak patut jadi ISSUE?!

Hello?! Awak tahu tak yang resume saya tu private & confidential? Staff Top Glove pun tak boleh reveal nombor telefon saya ini kan lagi awak yang baru nak apply kerja CURI nombor telefon SAYA dari RESUME SAYA tanpa kebenaran saya! Awak ni sangat tak professional la!

And the next answer just couldn't help me from slowing down my voice. Even my mom who was watching the telly also could here my voice clearly.

Saya rasa itu tak patut jadi isu sekarang sebab at least saya ada usaha untuk berkenalan dengan awak. Lagi pun, awak be open-minded la sikit.

I was really MAD and ANGRY, there and then! What does he know about professionalism eh?

Hello, kalau saya ni tak open-minded, saya dah letak telefon dah sekarang tau! Awak ni faham tak dengan apa itu PROFESSIONALISM? Awak faham tak yang resume saya tu PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL? Lagi satu, awak ingat perempuan suka ke kalau awak treat macam ni? Kenapa hari tu awak tak kejar saya aje?

And he gave me 1001 reasons that didn't make sense to me and it shows that he wasn't a true gentleman!

Saya rushing lagi pun kita sama-sama rushing time tu kan? So saya tak nak la tahan awak kat situ. Lagi pun, saya tak rasa salah kalau saya ambil phone number awak kat resume. Saya tak rasa benda ni boleh jadi satu isu.

At that moment, I know this is not the right guy to be my BF and not even my friend. He obviously doesn't understand about P&C and Professionalism and he is not a true gentleman. He doesn't know how to treat a girl right and how to control a girl's emotion. I might be furious at that time but if he really know the psychology, he wouldn't have much problem to control my emotions and feelings, right? Sigh!

I have to admit that I'm very choosy in choosing my guy friends. I don't really talk to strangers even though the caller might be a girl. I seriously will not entertain unknown numbers because I hate to disturb people as much as people disturbing my nights.

So, to The Guy who called me last night, I am so sorry if I had ever hurt you or was not decent enough but the way you did it was just not right for me. I am so sorry and FYI, I already hooked up with someone else. I'm just sorry, dude!

Later, he sent me a text message:

Maaf cik nisya..mungkin cara sy approach awk x xkn ganggu awk lg lepas ni

Dude, like seriously! OMG. Clueless aku dibuatnya. How do you spell my name? Is it hard to spell my name right? I mean, better get the spelling right before you wanna hitch somebody, man! It's N I S A! I'm no Indian! Kalau macam ni la gayanya, akad nikah nanti memang tak sah! Memang tak boleh buat BF macam ni! Sigh!

So guys, tips #911 on How To Hitch A Girl, be a true gentleman and make sure you know how to spell her name! Haha! What say you? Leave me a comment!

ps; I sayang you je la! Gedik!

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miss hav0c said...

ada top glove? apsal aku tak jumpa pun uwaaa

OK berbalik kepada isu anda, lelaki itu sgt tidap patut mencuri no tpon..nak gentlr mintakla sendiri oiiii

Nisa said...

Miss Havoc:
Booth Top Glove mcm tersorok sikit. Sakit kepala I cari nama Top Glove hari tu. Hehe!

And I rasa laki tu memang gentar kot nak minta number phone hari tu. Ala ala kecut kot! Hahahahaha!

aku dia dan kelisa hihau said...

ok ni abang yang x kecut..leh bg hp no x miss havOc...ha ha..

Nisa said...

Gatal la u ni. Gedik!

Rara Joe said...

dik, aku tergelak baca post ni kau tau. wakakakaka *sambung gelak guling guling*

Nisa said...

Hahaha! Ni bukti I hawt! Perasantan!