Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi

My mom's bestfriend's wedding for the second time after she lost her husband two years ago. Her husband's death was very sudden cuz he was diagnosed of cirrhosis (heart cancer).

Body can still survive even though 50% of the heart is damage or corrupt until 10% percent of it left, then the symptoms will arise such as continuous heart burn. Aunt Fuziah's husband was a very kind man although I didn't know him that much.

Back to the wedding, the akad nikah (solemnization) ceremony was held in the morning on the same day but I didn't know about it until mom asked me to iron (press) her baju kurung.

The ceremony was held in the night with only close family and friends invited. Her new husband is from Wales makes him a British but not an English man; he's a Welsh man. They have known each other for quite some time but only thought of tying up the knot two or three months ago.

The newly weds; bride and groom, walking down the isle to the meja santapan (dining table).

This girl is so bad! She was busy reading the whole time while everybody else was excited to see the bride and groom.

My mom and her friends with the bride and groom.

The bride; Aunt Fuziah Hashim and the groom; Uncle Rasydan Philip.

My sister and I with my mom's another bestfriend; Cik Yah.

Gossip time with the bride's dad; Tok Hashim. He is currently looking for a new wife. Don't get it wrong. He's just in need of a company at home. So, anybody interested? Do send your resume or you can just PM me.

This is also my first experience of attending a formal wedding ceremony at a hotel. For me, I'd prefer the normal wedding ceremony. You know, with the buffet and free flow drink. It is just so hard to see all those delicious chicken and beef to be waste while you can just pack me one so I can bring them home. Hehehe! The food was nice, though! Especially the rendang daging! Yummy!

So, I see you guys in other time. Take care!


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