Saturday, August 14, 2010

Recap :)

My name is Nisa and this is my journey.

On my journey to Mekah for Umrah. Present from my parents after I scored a straight A's during my PMR a year before.

Together with Melinda Wong, Azlina Aziz and Tan Yi Ying. All of them were once my classmate in three different years.

2006 - 2007
During college trip to Cameron Highland. The top in the picture is my Mom's.

April 2008
First time attending the annual dinner. I wore my Mom's dress and pair it with jeans.

April 2008
During lab assignment in my second semester of degree. Subject; Unit Operation. The subject is about designing all those towers like the one you can see in Petronas Paka Industrial Complex.

July 2008
Raya celebration during my third semester of degree. Again, I wore my Mom's kebaya.
L to R: Aza, me, Kak Ija and Anis Low.

April 2009
Our annual family day. My fourth semester of degree.
L to R: Mike, me and Fez.

July 2009
During my fifth semester of degree. Bowling on the Earth Day at Mid Valley.
Tiqa and me.

April 2010
My senior year of degree. Picture taken during my birthday. Bowling at Sunway Pyramid.

What I can observe from the pictures, I only have one way of smiling.

ps; I miss you.


miralatiff said...

you look so lovely in your last picture..BTW, akak dah link blog kamu kat blog akak yg x seberape tu..

Nisa said...

Kak Mira:
Hyeeee! Thanx for the compliment. And Emir Faiz pun lovely n sweet jugak (mak dia ada la sikit). Haha! Thanx link blog saya :)

Luth Textile said...

keep smiling ok!

Rara Joe said...

i nak baju oren u tu. sgt santek ok :)

Nisa said...

Luth: Thanx :)

Rara: Baju tu dh lama la kak. Scarlet je pun.