Thursday, May 12, 2011


Com apa? Combat!
Bat apa? Batman!
Men apa? Mentol!
Tol apa? Tolak!
Lak apa? Laksa!
Sa apa? Satu!
Tu apa? Tuah!

Do you guys still remember this song? We used to make jokes of everything around us, no? I miss my childhood days cause I don't think I had an awesome one. My mom was a very furious mom. I'm not blaming her for acting like that. She did a great job back then or else I won't be where I am now.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day but typical little family of mine does not celebrate much of the days. I was out the whole day doing tutor classes. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki given. Only mom and dad were staying in.

Today, I browsed through mom's phone and found out a very sweet and romantic text message sent by dad. I didn't know he was a romantic guy. Haha! Dad is always with either blur or straight face. Almost with no feelings. Sigh! To cut the story short, dad wished mom Happy Mother's Day and he mentioned that he was so thankful for mom being his company, best friend and mother to his five children for almost 28 years of their marriage.

It got me thinking cause I didn't send or wish mom for the Mother's Day. May be I should get something for her. Hurmmm. Scratching head.

While I'm thinking what to get for belated Mother's Day, you guys take care of yourselves, k! See you soon!

Ohh, and HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY to all of you mothers! Cheers to another year!

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