Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not Bangkok Dangerous.

I followed Mom to a meeting in Kuantan and had a chance to test my 'new' phone. No, it is still not a smart phone but the camera quality is better compared to the old one.

We went there using an office car. The main destination was only Kuantan but Mom wanted to visit the site so we went to Tanjung Lumpur. Nothing much there. Just an usual fisherman village but it was good to breathe-in different kind of air though.

Then we went to Semambu to check out an old Pajero that will be what they called 'demolish'. I don't think that the Pajero was gonna be literally demolished. May be they will auction it off to people who need it.

Speaking of Bangkok, somebody just got home and unfortunately that particular somebody left his phone at home. Sigh! But what else I could say? Past is always gonna be the past and we should put it behind us, no? I just hope nothing similar will happen in the future. Crossing fingers!

See you guys soon! Love, hugs and kisses. Take care!

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