Thursday, September 3, 2009


Let's say I ask you a question and I suggest you the answer. You agree? Hehee!

What is the meaning of 1Malaysia to you guys?

For me, there are a few answers I'd say.

Situation One: At bazaar Ramadhan
Hawker (H): Mai beli kuih abg, kakak, adik! Mai!
Public (P): *walks away*
H: Tu diaaaa! Rambut dah lawa. Lagi lawa kalau adik beli kuih abg ni. Mai beli mai!
P: *walks away*
H: Haa! Suma adaa! Negro ada! Melayu ada! Cina ada! Hindu ada! Mai beli kuih mai!
P: *laughs*

PS; what does the "nigga" has to do with "1Malaysia"?

Situation Two: At the roundabout
Car 1: *signal to the left*
Car 2: *signal to the right*
Car 1: *moves*
Car 2: *moves*

PS; Do we have to move together on the road to be 1Malaysia? Can't you just frickin' wait for the car to turn into the left before making your own way? *sigh*

Situation Three: On the highway

Three cars move together or shall I say speed up together on the different lanes. I mean like racing with each other to show that they are the 1Malaysia community.

Moral of the story: I love Malaysia. It is just that I can't still understand the way they think and behave. Open your mind, people. Behave well, okay.

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