Monday, October 12, 2009

Eleven Ten Two Thousand Nine
Three cats died

Ayah and I just reached home when I heard Si Putih cried out loud. I thought may be she was sick but no. She was poisoned! GOD, what the hell is happening to my cat?! OH MY GOD! Not only Si Putih but there were two other cats had been poisoned. I thought Si Kuning was sleeping but he was already dead! My goodness. Si Mojo was dying, shaking to death.

I knocked the door calling for my mum but there was no answer. Ayah unlocked the door and I saw mum praying. I rushed upstairs and called my sister. I was so angry and confused. She was lying on the bed studying. We rushed down and saw Si Mojo was gasping for the last breath. I couldn't do anything except pray for his ease. Tears went down like rain. I was really stuck and didn't know what to do. I wanted to bring them to the doctor but it was Sunday.

I watched Si Putih and Si Mojo died. I don't know how to explain. It was all scary how Si Putih died. Why must she being killed this way? What sin had she done to you human? Oh, Lord! I really don't know what to say. Although I always yelled at them but I still have some sense and love. Humans don't do this to animals! You fcuking evil devil!

I love you all very much. May you guys rest in peace.

Si Kuning. First to die.

Si Mojo. Second to die.

Si Putih. Third and hardest to die.

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