Monday, October 19, 2009

I was revising in the 24-Hours Room. There was a girl sitting at the table in front and next to her was a group of students talking about something random (from what I overheard). They were not just talking but they were also laughing so basically, they were making NOISE! I felt a bit disturbed and tried to warn them but it didn't work. Suddenly, something happened......

Girl: Shush!! Weh, Diam boleh tak?!
Guy: Huh??
Girl: Diam la sikit! Orang nak study la!
Guy: Kitorang tengah discuss. Kalau nak senyap pergi la duduk kat dalam library!Justify Full

I was startled and clueless. Ada juga orang yang perangai macam tu ye. He has no respect at all! Dah la gelak kuat gila! And not just us yang bengang but almost everybody in the room was pissed off. The worst part is dia boleh balas balik macam tu dekat perempuan. Tak gentleman langsung! Oh, my fcuking GOD!!! Lelaki jenis macam ni memang tak boleh buat boyfriend apa tah lagi nak buat jadi husband. Attitude memang FAIL!!

He was right. Library should be the most appropriate place for you to study "in peace" but the room is a public place so basically the room is everybody's place. Anybody has the right to study wherever they want at any time. He has ZERO attitude for replying what she said. Bukannya dia tak nampak yang budak perempuan tu nak belajar. Saja je nak gelak kuat-kuat so that everybody knows you were there, talking to your friendsssss and that you were happy. GOD!! Teruk gila perangai. Mak tuan!!! Anak siapa la ni.

//Guys, behave yourselves. You are not suppose to laugh loudly at a public place like that. Although you're a guy!

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