Monday, October 26, 2009

One at a time, please!

Sigh! Exam will start on this Thursday. I still have a few urgent things to be submitted. I really want to go back home but I can't before I finish all my work. Adoi laaaaa!

I'm tired and lack of sleep. Always will be! Hahaa! I miss everybody. All good times with friends. I just remembered that I haven't even had a chance to go watch a movie with my girl friends. God! This semester has been so busy and packed!

Ooohh, I had cendol and rojak pasembor just now. Hahaa! Can you imagine, having cendol and pasembor by the road side? And these cendol and pasembor was made by truly mamak or Indian I think. The taste was the same as other cendol but the feeling was much more important! Those kind of food were invented to be eaten by the road side, no. Food for relaxation. Nice and delicious.

Now I'm craving for Mc D pulak dah. Actually the free glass is my attraction. Hahaa! Anybody nak join makan Mc D? Jom!


SeE-DaH said...

gud luck weh~ awal gak paper ko~
sma la ngan ak~ study week tp ad lgi 2 asyment n 3 lab repot colloid kna antar.. smalam bru buat 2 exp colloid ko tau.. adoih.. seb bek ko pnah bg report snior n calcultion ko kat ak.. TQ so much~ ak pon da mlam nk pkir da.. copy n paste je.. hehe

Kak Lang said...

hahaa! ko edit je report senior. abes cite.