Wednesday, October 21, 2009


If anybody know this guy, please call me ASAP!!

Adzuwan bin Aziz


Kg. Nara, Pasir Putih, Kelantan

the owner of a motorcycle with the registration number

BHK 2824

Yesterday, a motorcycle knocked over my car. The "driver" was a male (at least until before he knocked over my car). The road was a one-way street and he was on the wrong direction. After he knocked over my car, he didn't even bother to step off from his motorcycle and at least apologize. He just drove off! I've already lodged a police report and I really want to meet this guy personally. He has A LOT of explanation and payment to do!!

I believe he is a student in UiTM. So, if you know this guy, please call me at 017-5565354.

//Akak, I'm so sorry. Tapi aku dah baiki sikit bumper so tak nampak hodoh sangat. Cuma lampu signal bawah tak ganti lagi because aku tak de duit lagi. Nanti aku ganti okey! Don't worry.


SeE-DaH said...

owh.. ni la ketenyer..
keta akak ko eh?

Kak Lang said...

Aah, ni kete akak aku.

celotehcomel said...

wat happend??

Kak Lang said...

blk umah nanti aku tunjuk ko police report