Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So, I have a new blog layout now. It's cool isn't it? A harmony mixture of black, blue and grey. Results? Fantastic! Hahaa!

Okay, this week has been great to me. No rushing just pending worksssss. Sigh. I still haven't started my FYP yet. Sometimes, my feelings tell me to give up by my mind is against it. You know, searching for journals is not as easy as you think. You really have to be accurate or at least precise. Well, my FYP topic is kind of rare so it's a bit hard for me to find a very good journal or reference. Plus, I'm a lazy person and always drifted away from the why-I-am-online purpose. YES! I'M A LAZY BUM! That's the word I'm looking for. GOD! What's happening to me?!

Ohhh, I really hate my life now. So many things to think yet so little time I have. Final exam is just around the corner. Ala, corner macam mamak corner tu! I still have much-many-mucho topics waiting to be revised. Adoi. Anybody can help? Helpppppppp!

BTW, Wani loves the bad I bought for her. I feel so appreciated. Hehee! Next time, get me a good bag too, eh! Not to be forgotten the camel she gave. I don't know where to put it so I put it on my dressing table. Hahaa!

Okay, I should run around now. I wanted to search for materials for my assignment but ended up typing Hish!


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