Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today was hectic. My journey started at 12 and ended at 12. We went to Ikhwan's house and got another duit raya. Wohoo! Next stop was Wani's house but before that we had to picked up somebody at Dengkil. God, he was serious! He didn't even talk to me. Not even one word. I was quite surprised but I already expected that to happen. So, we didn't talk as what I hoped. Sigh. The last stop was my friend, Nana's house. Oh, she has became more beautiful now. Hohoo! Cun gila wooo! Hahaa!

Okay, I really need to be serious after this. I still haven't submitted my FYP draft and lab reports plus more and more tests to go. Hwaa! Next weekend would be the last weekend with my younger sister and I already miss her. Huhuhuhuuu!! Sedih weyh, the joker nak pergi study dekat Mesir. Adoi~

Whatever it is, I hope he can forgive me as time goes on. It's okay. I understand your situation but just so you know, you are the best listener I've ever talked to. No one can ever beat you. Trust me!


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