Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So now I can read all my blog posts. It was a coding problem that made my blog layout went crazy. Hahaa!

Ooooohh, my BF commented on my blog post and it was lovely. I'm loving you more and more everyday, darling. Hehee! Sorry for being this mushy dushy.

Okay, I don't know what to write in my FYP and the presentation is next Tuesday. Can you imagine that? I haven't submitted my first ever draft and I'm running out of time! Shittttt! What the hell is happening to me now eh? I'm watching the ANTM Cycle 13 and I found out how to where my short dress. Yes, I know a short dress!

I need money now! OMG! Where the hell is my money?? I need to grab a cuppa coffee. A very sweet one. May be with a nice, white marshmallow on top. Woo-hoo! That'd be great IF I can find my missing money. And I need to do my laundry too.

Fewh! So many things to do and so limited time I have. I'm still counting down to this Friday. My chest is pounding so hard. I wanna know what does he has for me. Hurmm, ape ye??

//My new favourite on menu: Biskut mayat cap ping-pong :)


Anonymous said...

mybe..its a biskut mayat cap ping-pong kot...he he...but just dnt let ur face be like biskut dah.....menyekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!


Anonymous said...

cool dwn k...things will be at best ..wen they r in worst... i noe u...thats who u r baby...ur super duper power like ultraman AGUL will surface at the end...n ...u will conquer all raksasa n makhluk asing..n definitely win at the end.....

Aineesa said...

Syg, thanx a lot. BTW, why dont u start put a name and not just be an anonymous. Love u more. ALways!