Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is happening to my blog? Tak boleh nak baca post sudah. Huhuhuhuuhu!

I just finished my second-last final exam of my life! Fewh! Boy, it was exhausting! From the moment I opened my book to study till now, lying on my spring bed with red bed sheet, I still can feel the exhaustion, headache, feeling of puke and list go on and on.

Now, I'm preparing myself for the FYP presentation which falls on the next Tuesday. Still haven't submitted the other two chapters. Hopefully I can manage that before this Friday because I'm expecting somebody to come! Yee-haa! Movies, sushis, dinners, lunches and shoppppppinggggg! Hahaa! Syg, kalau u tak mau shopping I still paksa u shopping jugak. Hahahahahaha! Gelak macam syaiton-nir-rojim!

I'm currently craving for ice-blended. Any ice-blended will do but me have no money in me purse. Hukhukhuk! Poor me..... I nak mkn Mc D jugak and KFC and Tony Roma's and beef steak and cendol (ada dalam fridge) and satay and sushi and hawt-dawg! Hehehee!

//Sambal udang nenek masak sedaaaaaaappp :)


Anonymous said...

ye la syg..sume bleh..esp the hwat dowt part..tp shopping 2...hu hu...muah muah muah...

p/s ske bile u ngada

Anonymous said...

ha ha...ha...hawt dawt xx bleh haram....anjing hot cow la...he he

Kak Lang said...

Hey,u comment my blog post. That's so sweet. Thank u. Muah muah muah :)