Monday, December 28, 2009


*Big yawn*

To re-arrange a house is very tiring indeed if your house is already 20 years old. That means, your school activity books from the primary are still in the house. My family basically don't have enough time and we kinda don't like to arrange our stuff especially the old ones. We "love" to keep our stuff and make it vintage. Hahaa! I bet you can't imagine how tidy my house is because the house was very untidy-in-capital-letters like seriously! I still have the books from my primary time even the report sheets from the kindergarten! Hahaa! That is how lazy we were back days but now, as we grow old and can earn some money (not really our own money for some of us), we start to arrange every single thing in the house and throw away what we really don't need.

Tak sampai hati nak tunjuk pictures before kemas (takut tak ada org berkenan masuk meminang nanti), so I decided to put up some pictures of pictures that had been arranged by my sister & dad.

The Dining Room

Pictures of my family during Aidilfitri back then on the side & during the elder sibs' convo on the center

The Living Room

Ayat kursi & the sign of Allah and Muhammad at the living room

Pictures of the two elders during their convo

The Stairs

Pictures of us during back times


//Best jugak hias rumah ni. Hahaa!

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shamsulainee said...

looks clean je rumah from here...he he