Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ohh, Abang Rain sangat kacak! Hahaa! I'm not a Korean fan but seeing Rain doing the Ninja moves really turned me on. LOL! Man, that movie was great although not much of thoughts that needed to be think of. I mean, it was kinda a "light" movie for me compared to movies like Law Abiding Citizen and not to mention epic movies like LOTR and Narnia.

Other than that, it was a great movie. The actions, revenge and strategy to bring back the history of Ninja and Samurai was brilliant. But, I do have one problem here. How can a Korean became a Japanese? Hahaa! WTV it is, I still love to see six-packs guys.

Now I know the difference between a Ninja and a Samurai. Ninja always wear a black suit when they are on a mission but Samurai wear the "baju kebal".

//Hopefully Mike can accomplish his mission on becoming like Rain-oh-so-tough-and-fit :)

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shams said...

wooo...syg sama la ngan six pack i...cume i punyer bulat skit..ha ha...muah