Friday, December 11, 2009

So, the results were out yesterday but due to the over-access I couldn't get through the student portal. I was super duper nervous yesterday and as usual, I kept telling myself not to bother with the results. Dari UPSR pun macam ni juga! Wohoo!

And this morning I couldn't sleep at all. Pusing sana, pusing sini. Resah gelisah (mcm mlm pertama pula) menunggu masa yang sesuai untuk check result exam ni. Adoi laaa, penat tunggu at last menggagahkan diri ke bilik sebelah dan on laptop yang lembab ni. Haha!

Dah online, buka la page student portal. I thought it was gonna take a long time but no! In a blink of eyes, dah dapat buka. Fuhh! Nervous ni. Siot je internet tengah hari buta ni laju la pula kan. Tekan sana, tekan sini, dapat la tengok result yang tak ada la bangga mana (cewah! Nak cover la tu) tapi alhamdulillah. I am super proud of myself with the result because this was the highest pointer I've ever received and my CGPA increased quite a lot althought it wasn't up to what I expected.

The subjects that I hoped I wouldn't fail, I passed (obviously, duhh!) and most of the results are worth with what I've studied. Yeay!!

So, big smile for the day and I don't have to worry with what my parents are gonna say later. Yeah!

//Kalau time sekolah dulu dah boleh dapat present ni :P


idas said...

woot woot! congrats nisa!! :)

oh oh btw, why ssit the link 'ida and her grins' ? haha

Aineesa said...


Hahaa!That one saje2 je.Nothing la babe.


sham said...

hmm..i said so kan..u can do it..u always be at ur best wen the time is worst....thats my proud of u..keep it going..n other things too ( ha ha ha)...nasib baik u mention UPSR...selamat x yah r bagi present the way i have watch ninja bloody movie..luv it..cant wait to see u soon..wait tau...muah

p/s rain took 8 month to train, 5 days a week, eat only chicken breasy and almond..

Aineesa said...

What do you mean "nasib baik u mention UPSR...selamat x yah r bagi present ni"?? I still want my present!!!

ps; Eleh, I train lagi sekejap dari dia tau! Haha!