Monday, January 11, 2010

I'll sing my heart out

For those who wasn't able to be home on time to catch AJL, here are some of the videos I got from Youtube. I hope you enjoy watching your favourite singer(s) :)

First Place
Pergi by Aizat

This song is very soothing I can cry by just listening to the melody. Not to mention the lyrics. Very beautiful indeed.

Second Place
Dan Sebenarnya by Yuna

Yuna in drenched coat :) Thank god she didn't wear the yellow Phua Chu Kang boot. LOL!

Third Place
Bencinta by Faizal Tahir

He turned everybody on, I swear! I love the army jacket he wore. I guess after this it'll be a trend for young men to wear army jacket with wayfearer. Haha!

Best Performance
Kau Aku by Aizat

Agak-agaknya, budak sekolah mana la dia angkut ni? Haha! Siap dapat special centre stage weyh!

Other performances

Aku Skandal by Hujan

The opening was interesting tapi too short. Not good!

Masih Jelas by Hafiz

The song was great but may be the performance was just OK.

Bengang by Akim

The performance was too Adam Lambert. Not good!

Rindu Terhenti by Tomok

Pandai la pula si Diana Danielle jahit suit kan. Hahaa! Lawak seyh!

So, that's all for now. I hope you guys enjoy the videos. For more videos you can check out here. Till then, Bye!

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