Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to get a Dean's List GPA?

It's easy to do well in your exam. All you have to do is to do revision twice the hour that you've spent in class. Let's say you have 15 contact hours with your lecturers, that means you have to study for 30 hours.

I know it is not as easy as what I've stated here but all we have to do is to constantly do revision from time to time. For us in UiTM, we only have approximately 18 weeks of study before the final exam each semester. Usually, tests and quizzes will be held as early as the fourth week hence the time to study is very limited.

To make it more logical, let's calculate the time that we have to study per week :)

Contact hours = 15 h
Own study = 30 h

Time that we have (minus sleeping time) = 16 h * 7 days = 112 h
Time to eat = 3 h * 7 days = 21 h
Time to pray = 2 h * 7 days = 14 h
Time to play = approx 3 h/week
Hygiene time = 2 h * 7 days = 14 h
On-the-move = 2 h * 7 days = 14 h
Total time spent = 66 h per week

Therefore, time we have to study = 112 h - 66 h = 46 h

Mostly, we spend a lot of time to do other things rather than study thus, we as a student must at least spend twice the time of contact hours with the lecturer to study so that we can achieve the maximum target.

This will be my new resolution for this semester. I need at least to study 46 hours each week so that I at least can achieve a Dean's List score this semester. With that, I can finish my degree study with a TS (tamat dengan Sijil dekan) status.

//Source: Associate Prof. Dr. Hadariah Baharon

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