Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I guess I'll have another nightmare tonight. My semester started off quite badly. Firstly, the subject that I had to re-sit last semester is still in the list while I did another elective subject to cover up the credit hours. Why is it still in the list? It is just an elective course which I can take another elective course to replace the credit hours I've missed.

Secondly, my car had been hit by a motorcycle again. I don't know what sin I had committed to get this kind of balasan. I did give the signal and yet he said it was too late or should I say too soon? I did look at the rear mirror but still being knocked down. Where does the motorcycle came from? I couldn't think about it at all. It will cost me a lot of money just to replace a door and I don't have much money ATM. I'm so scared to tell my parents about this and the person who should be with me now is not here. The reason that the person gave was deniable but how should I tell him? How to confront a guy who is much older than me who had knocked my car? Tak puas hati betul la!

//I wish I can easily get money from the leaves :((

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