Friday, February 5, 2010

Drama In The Before-life

This week, I had two dreams with two different guy involved.

The first one I had on the Wednesday night. It was about confrontation between me and The Jack Schit. I confronted him and my best-guy-friend, Mike and asked him to tell me the truth about everything about me that he had told all of my good friends back then. All the bad stories specifically. He didn't had the chance to speak cause I was already up.

And last night, I dreamed about meeting another guy which I had an argue with at the first place but in the end, we started to dating each other. He kissed my hand and did all those romantic stuffs. I can still remember what I said to my friends;

"He is me when I was with The Jack Schit"

Meaning he did all those romantic stuffs just like what I did back then with The Jack Schit.

I don't know what the dreams mean but I hope my current relationship lasts forever. I can't bear the feeling of being lonely again.

ps; I'm sorry for what I've done & ILYSM

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goodspeed said...

hmm...there's no life wthout sunshine n no dream without moonlight...u give me both....brighten me during the day..hugging me tight during alive n full of dream with u...