Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Loving My 20's

I am so in love with myself now. Hahaha! You guys can call me whatever you like but I always love myself. This is the THIRD time the same thing happened to me. You can read about the first one here.

The second time it happened quite awhile ago. I had lunch with my friend at one of the restaurants in Section 7, Shah Alam. I was reading a newspaper when a guy came to me and approach me.

Hai. Maaf mengganggu. Saya cuma nak sampaikan salam orang. Dia nak berkenalan dengan awak. Ini ada nombor telefon dia.
Hi. Sorry for disturbing. Somebody said hello to you and he wants to know you personally. This is his number.

And then I said;

Eh, tak apa lah. Saya tak berminat.
Eh, it's okay. I'm not interested.

He replied;

Tak apa. Awak ambil je nombor ni. Kalau berminat nanti, awak telefon la dia.
It's okay. Just take this number. Later, if you're interested to know him, just give him a call.

So I took it (the tissue where the person wrote his number on) and he left. I quickly left the restaurant (I was shocked) before somebody else came to me and do the same thing (now, perasan!).

Today, I decided to study for my next paper at Mc Donald's Section 3 since there is no difference if you study in a library which should be quiet but turn out, the library is not that quiet and if you study at a fast food restaurant which should be a noisy place but turn out to be quite peaceful. I better skip the introduction cause it's too boring so let me just tell you straight.

While I was revising my notes (actually, I was answering the past year's final exam questions), one lady came to me. She's one of the managers cause she was wearing a red stripes shirt. She gave this love-shaped balloon (you know, the folded balloon). She said, somebody gave it to me but I was thinking may be not. May be she was just being nice to me cause I had been there for almost 3 hours. So, I took the balloon and continued my revision.

I had to hang the balloon. The balloon just couldn't stand still.

Later, she approached me and looked like she wanted to have a chat with me. I talked with her for a few minutes and suddenly she asked;

Awak dah kahwin?
Are you married?

And I replied;

No. Not yet.

She asked me again;

Dah ada boyfriend?
Do you have boyfriend?

And I started wondering... I replied;


Tak ada lah. Tadi, orang yang suruh saya bagi belon tu, dia nak kenal dengan awak.
Nothing. The person who asked me to gave you the balloon wants to know more about you.

Ohh, ye ke?
Ohh, really?

Nak tahu yang mana orangnya tak?
Would you like to know which one is the person?

I was curious so I said yes. She pointed at one of the staffs and yeah, he was quite handsome.and plus, he was one of the operation managers. Hahaha! At least, this time I got to know which guy who actually wanted to approach me.

Later, she came with a phone number!

The name is so nice, you say it twice! Hahaha!

I knew it was gonna be like this! Hahaha!

So, now you know why I love myself so much. Hehehe! These stories I definitely gonna tell my grandchildren when I become a granma later. Lol!

ps; I know you're jealous but hey, ILY more!


u know who said...

"ILY MORE"...meaning that u luv another gak ke....

Nisa said...

U Know Who:
I do have somebody else to love. I love my family (indeed). I love myself. I love my girlfriends. I love my other-less-special boyfriends and most importantly, I love YOU!

Ohh, thank you so much for reading my blog. Keep in touch!