Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Lost My Driving License!

Tonight, I decided to pick up my laundry at Section 7 and may be grab an ice-cream so I started unpack my stuff from yesterday's sling bag that I used to go watch movie. Then, I realized that I lost my driving license. I though may be I accidentally dropped it in the car or somewhere downstairs. I tried to look for it but fail! Got scared and nervous, I decided to lodge a police report after I pick up my laundry.

Now, don't start commenting on my face in the photo. I didn't wear any make-up.

I took the Federal Highway for a faster route but there was a massive traffic jam at Padang Jawa exit. I was so pissed off! The cars weren't moving. Well, may be a few centimeters a minute! Like, WTF is going on? I guess may be because of the i-City. You know, nowadays everybody wants to go to the i-City as if there is something fucking amazing but, no! There are only colourful lights and nothing else! I stuck in the jam for almost ONE FUCKING HOUR! I shit you not!

Just at the junction, entry to the Commercial Center of Section 7, there was this black Kia Spectra which the driver was so STUPID, blocked my car. Before that, the car was on the right lane and wanted to squeeze into my lane to take over the cars in front FROM THE LEFT. What a fucking stupid driver he was. I was really pissed off and honk non-stop to the car in front.

Guess what?? The laundry was closed when I reached there! Fuck fuck FUCK!!! And the reason of the massive traffic jam was just because of some accident or perhaps murder happened beside the Commercial Center. Everybody was so damn busy body and slowed down their cars just to take a peak on what was happening. If you really want to know what happen, Stop your car and ask around! Don't slow down your car la wei! Malaysian habit! I really hate that!

After I lodged a police report, I went straight to Jusco Bukit Raja to trace down my lost license. I got lucky because the Mc D staff kept it. Thank God! Now I learn that no matter how lazy you are, just use a handbag not some small sling bag. May be I dropped my license while I was looking for my money inside the sling bag. I didn't bring my purse because the sling bag was too small. Plus, I was too lazy to carry a handbag.

The sling bag is too small it can't fit my purse

My big black huge purse. It is huge for me.

Moral of the story, always check your important stuffs like IC, driving license and money. Although you keep it in your bag but there is still chance for you to slip off those cards and notes. Sorry I curse a few times. Take care guys!

ps; I forgive you this time


aMoR said...

hua.....xbole nk memandu dah ler...

heee...xpe da bf tlg bwok kei..


Nisa said...

Dah boleh drive. Lesen dah jumpa dah.

aMoR said...

eik mcm na leh jmpa.....

cba certa ckit...

selalunyer kalo dh ilang susah...nk jmpa..


Nisa said...

I jumpa kat Mc D Jusco Bukit Raja. Nasib baik ada org jumpa kalau tak entah berapa banyak duit melayang nak buat lesen baru.

Amalina E Azmi said...

nasib baik dh jumpe balik..huhu hebat lah ko siap buat polis report g..langkah berjaga jaga :)

Nisa said...

Weh, kalau hilang lesen or IC memang kena buat police report la. Takut nanti ko punya lesen or IC kena duplicate. Tapi memang la kena buat report nanti kalau ada roadblock mamposss!