Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Currently Waiting For Someone

Photo courtesy: Belukar FB Fan Page

There was one Malay movie that I was really looked forward to (I've never wanted to watch Malay movies) and it was BELUKAR. To be honest, I was impressed with the movie. I like the storyline and Daphne Iking! Haha! Despite all the hotness of Daphne, I'd say she was fantastic in that movie. I just don't like the ending of the movie where the truth was revealed. Where they all came from and how all plans were planned. May be the truth can be revealed in another mysterious way but it was a success.

Thanks Daphne for great movie. Thanks Bront for the romantic stuffs. Thanks to the director and script writer for great work.

As if they gonna read my blog. LOL!


Photo courtesy: Flickr

Mother's Day on Sunday but I still don't know how to surprise Mom. I wanna make something special for her like bake some cookies or may be chocolate cake but I'm a blondie in the kitchen. I mean, my eyes can barely stand the onions and my nose can never stands the smell of the chillies. So, I think I'll just buy some pretty muffins from the bakery shop and make my own deco.


Just for fun, let's do a quiz just like in the picture above!

My Mom's name
Emak! Khairiah binti Ahmad

My Mom's favourite colour is
This is a total guess; Blue

My Mom's favourite music is
Quran recitation

My Mom's favourite TV show is
Motivasi Pagi!

I like to go with my Mom to
I bet most of you will say shopping complex but I don't really go out with Mom so I don't really have the answer.

I like when my Mom cooks
Spaghetti bolognese

My Mom makes me laugh when
Something funny

My Mom loves when I
Listen to her

My Mom is special because
She gave birth of me!

ps; I hate it when you you go out without texting me first!


Ery Farieha said...

best ke?
tp sy tgk cam x best je

Nisa said...

Ery Farieha:
The storyline was good compared to other Malay movies. I'd say Belukar is not a movie full of cliches :) After all who doesn't like Daphne & Bront? Haha!

Anonymous said...

eh saya macam pernah nampak la awak nih. dulu matrik perak eh?

Nisa said...

Double-you, Tee, Eff!! Haha! Of course la ko kenal aku. Poyos jongos la kau NB!!