Friday, May 7, 2010

It's A Wrap!

I had my last paper today and it was not good! I had very limited ideas on what to write and I couldn't even think of the translation of the word PENEBAT! What is PENEBAT in English anyway? Haha! Yeah, I was really stuck and still am!

BTW, as usual mom and dad will send me text messages before my exam saying they forgive for any sins I've made and pray for my success. You know what the old people said; kalau parents tak berkat (maafkan dosa) nanti susah jawab exam. My parents have this ( like ritual) thing that they do every time their children sit for the exam. They would take leaves from work just for us since my brother sat for his UPSR and this (ritual) thing will never stop until my youngest sister finish her SPM (may be by that time Mak dah retire).

So, instead of taking leaves, they send us text messages. Ye la, takkan internal exam pun nak cuti kan?

From Dad;
Salam didoa semoga cemerlang dlm pereksa usaha sungguh2 tq

From Mom;
Assalam rmbr Bismillah doa n zam2, mak ayah doa Allah brkti sume usha kl dkrniai kjyan cmrlg, slawat 2 recal pe yg lupa beh exm lik umah quran doa ingt Allah

Can you understand the messages? Haha! My dad has this habit of saying 'tq' every time he send me text message. Even when I asked for pocket money, he would reply;

Ok mlm nanti ayah bank in tq

And mom is being mom. Squeeze everything in one text message. She won't stop typing until it's full.

Anyway, I love my parents so much, I do. Who doesn't? And PENEBAT is INSULATOR (goddamit!). Alright, I've got to go. Nak isi perut! Love!

ps; I pun sayang you jugak!


Amalina E Azmi said...

kehkeh lawak la weh. but bnda mcm ni sumthg yg buatkan kita gembira btol x? hehe

Nisa said...

Memang lawak kalau org tua hantar SMS. Haha! Mula mula tu serius aku ckp, agak annoying la sebab ego kan, tapi lama lama dah biasa and gembira la sebab ada juga org ingat kat aku. Hehe!