Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sponsored Tickets!

ADAM The Musical presented by The Actors Studio and The Malaysian AIDS Foundation

The main casts of ADAM The Musical

Have you ever being sponsored? Well, I feel lucky for being sponsored by Sime Darby *ehem ehem* to go watch a theater at The Actors Studio at Lot 10. I thought the price was all the same but no! Haha! Silly me. The one that I got was a center seat ticket. So, it was good to be seated at the center, fourth line from the stage.

The show was fine. Of course it went well. The story line was just okay for me because I couldn't find the climax. Even my company complained about how disappointing the ending was. I mean, they can do it better instead of just educate people about HIV and AIDS. Not much emotions except that I got to watched two drag queens singing and dancing on stage. Haha! They were funny like, seriously! Ohh, and watching the dead lady who was a bit crazy ting tong was fun too! Haha!

Other than that, the music was awesome. Same goes to the lyrics and choreography. I wish I could install the same sound system in the studio, into my house because it was beyond what I expected. Haha! Kalah sound system wayang ok!

I don't wanna talk about the synopsis cause I think you can Google it yourself. Just remember one thing. When you love somebody, always be there for him/her. No matter what will come and go. Think wise in everything you do. I just can't imagine if what happened to Adam (the lead character), happens to my love ones.

Overall, I enjoyed the show sampai nak pergi shuffle kat Rootz next door. Joking! Thanks akak for the opportunity. Next time bagi la lagi tiket free kat aku eh? Haha!

Support la industri teater kita. Mungkin cerita wayang banyak yang merepek tetapi teater selalunya tidak akan menghampakan anda.

ps; Sampai hati u keluar tak bagi tau i :(

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