Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Handful Of Treasure!

These are a few things I found in my old purse. I've been looking for them a while ago and somehow I totally ignored (forgot) about it. Meaningful treasures, indeed. Hehehe!

This little kid is actually my old friend from college, Aiman Ali. I can't remember how I got this picture but obviously, this photo is priceless to me. Hahaha! Muka tak berubah cuma tambah lagi sepasang 'mata kaca'. One of the best guy-friends I've ever met in my whole life!

This one is also my old friend from college and another Aiman! Aiman Fadhil or we used to call him Porn. I don't know why but he was the one who introduced himself as Porn. We were not that close in college but used to hang out together. You know, little clique of mine. Believe it or not, he is now a Teacher! I can't imagine him teaching youngsters. Tsk tsk tsk!

This one is an origami of love made by myself, of course, during my college time. I was and still am not an artistic person. The only origami that I know are the boat and basket, which the latter, I found out that it could be made through the same fold as the earlier.

College days were not as great as my school days but obviously better than my uni days. I had great friends back then. Well, except for that one person but the moments we spent were much better. I'm not saying that my uni friends are not great, they are, but somehow I miss my college days so much. Less thoughts to be think about, less problems, less hassle and everything!

Whatever it is, one must go on with his/her life, no? So, cherish your day, everyday! You won't get the same experience as the days go along. Live life, love life!

ps; I miss you la!

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