Thursday, June 17, 2010

How To Strengthen Your Vocab

I didn't know that I have Scrabble game installed in my laptop. I tried the game few times which most of the time ended up in frustration. Ughh! I wasn't that good in English during school days and so do today. My vocab is very limited to short words and the best word that I created is this:

I challenged my little sister and I won for the first round with very small difference. The second round was tougher. She kept aiming for the double-word-score and triple-word-score thing and obviously she won the round. I guess her determination is higher than mine. Sigh!

But, wtv it is, I shall not give up! Haha! I'll try again tomorrow. Today's semangat has been shifted to internet browsing. Hahaha! Till then, people. Take care!

ps; I nak challenge u pula!


nur hidayah isa said...

love this game :)

sham said...

nak challenge i..bleh je...sure u up to it? i bagi u handicap la 30 points k...practice byk2 dulu k