Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Not Familiar With Designer Perfume

Only once that I had used designer perfume as my daily spray. I've always changed my fragrance cause I don't know what really suits me. So, after watching Project Alpha Season 2, I wanted to try the new Adidas EDT For Women. Yes, it is a sport-type of fragrance but still, I don't mind using it as my daily perfume.

The EDT itself is only costs around RM36.90 but this one that I bought together with the body wash is only RM39.90. Isn't that CHEAP? I wanted to buy the one with the deodorant spray but none available. The smell is very strong but it can last for a long time. After all, it's an EDT for sport users.


On the other note, somebody told me (at first) that she wasn't that hungry so I brought her to SR for our late lunch. I thought may be she could use the WiFi while waiting for me but after browsing through the menu, she got so excited and start ordering bigger meal than mine. That's my youngest sister! She always behave that way. Pretending that she was full but after looking at the menu, start complaining that she's hungry. Sigh! What more can I say? She's still a kid after all.

And now, I am officially broke! Oh nooooooo!

ps; Can I borrow your money, sweetheart?

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