Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Water Moments!

I love swimming! Saya suka berenang! I love to be in the water cause the water compliments me. May be because it is my nature. I'm a Pisces girl which is the fish, and I think it reflects my hobby well, no? Other than swimming, of course la I suka cam-whore or ambil gambar sendiri. Siapa yang tak suka ambil gambar kan? Almost everybody loves it.

Dulu, my bf gave me a camera as a present but due to some reasons, my elder sister bagi rosak gua punya camera so I am now have to rely either on my dad's camera or other people's camera. Meaning, gua kena pinjam camera orang la! So, after I discovered this new SONY Digital Series Camera (DSC) - TX5 G yang baru ni, I terus jatuh longkang! Haha! No la. Of course la jatuh cinta, beb!

The compact Cyber-shot TX5 is built to be water-, shock-, dust- and temperature-proof! With features like Intelligent Sweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and Anti-motion blur, TX5 give you the photographic power to shoot in style whenever, wherever.

This new SONY DSC - TX5 G new camera is built with 10.2 Mega pixel, 4 times optical zoom together with "Exmor R" CMOS sensor, BIONZ imaging processor and also Carls Zeiss Lens. So basically, this new compact camera able to operate sehebat DSLR dan camera yang seangkatan dengannya.

Daripada "Exmor R" CMOS sensor, gambar akan jadi lagi accurate sebab camera akan jadi 2 kali lebih sensitif compared to other normal camera. BIONZ imaging processor pula akan meningkatkan ketepatan camera dalam auto-focussing, auto-correction dan juga auto-white balancing untuk produce gambar yang lebih balance. Carls Zeiss Lens pula menampakkan gambar lebih realistik berbanding dengan camera lain.

Apa yang hebat tentang SONY DSC - TX5 G berbanding camera yang lain?

Ianya kalis air (water-proof) jadi, untuk seorang swimmer seperti I ni memang ideal lah kan? Dapat juga bergaya-gaya ala ikan dolphin dalam air.

Camera ni juga kalis suhu (temperature-proof). Maknanya, kau nak bawa camera ni pergi Antartika pun tak jadi problem. Camera ni memang tahan suhu sejuk!

Feature yang ni memang sesuai untuk wanita, which is, kalis habuk (dust-proof). Bagi wanita-wanita yang suka travel dan tak ada banyak handbag macam saya, semua benda stuff dalam satu handbag so, jangan risau sebab camera ni tak tangkap habuk. Kau kepam la lama mana, camera ni steady je!

Last but not least, yang buat special camera ni ialah kalis hentakan (shock-proof). Barang mana yang aku tak pernah jatuhkan? Handphone kau toksah cakap la kan. So, camera ni selamat kau nak campak jauh mana, dia tetap steady ok! Toksah kau risau!

Ok, to elaborate more about the power and precision of this camera, let me just view a few of my pictures while I was swimming, that has been captured using an ordinary compact camera.

Image in low-light environment

As you can see, the picture is quite blur. So, the new SONY DSC - TX5 G is built with an Anti-motion Blur mode which uses up to six superimposed frames to create the best optimize image with less than 50% noise. Noise here means, the motion of the object (I guess). With the new SONY T-Series, the pictures taken would be sharper and hopefully there'll be less crooked photos of me that will make me look like some old grandma!

Moving object

This feature of the new SONY DSC - TX5 G really catch my attention. This camera can takes up to TEN photos in ONE second! Kalau lu tak mau percaya sudah! This camera can capture up to 10 continuous frames in a sequence per second which later being simplify as the camera analyses the group of frames in order to locate the best shot automatically. So, lepas ni bukan saja moving object dalam air, gambar yang melompat-lompat tu pun jadi lawa. Tak payah nak lompat dua tiga kali untuk dapat best shot. Senang!

Panoramic View

Okay, kita bukan nak comment about my breast stroke atau kuak dada tapi I nak bagi tahu pasal camera SONY ni yang boleh capture gambar-gambar panorama sehebat camera DSLR yang gabak lagi maha besar. You guys can enjoy the best panoramic shots just by move your camera horizontally to capture a landscape view OR you can also capture a tall object (macam menara bendera di Dataran Merdeka) by just move your camera vertically. The Intelligent Sweep Panorama mode also able to recognizes or detect any moving object and faces and will stitch them to produce the best natural-looking panoramic view. So, agak-agaknya lah kan, lepas ni nampak la kaki I yang bengkok tu lagi clear.

So guys, apa tunggu lagi? Pergi la cari camera yang hebat ni dekat kedai camera (takkan la kedai basikal pula kan?). Beli jangan tak beli! Berbaloi-baloi!


For more info, click the link to SONY Malaysia website here!

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